This is track 3 off the CD "Show No Fear" by Kenwood Metajam Allstars.  CD is available at the shop!

Sensei means teacher. Let's give a shout out to education!


Kenwood Metajam Allstars! A montage of some of the songs off the recording "Show No Fear"


Kenwood Metajam Allstars Show released on September 2018! 

This recording contains all the love and creativity that Kenwood has to give to the world! A most amazing lineup includes:

Kenwood Dennard: drums, percussion, vocals, synthesizers, jaw harp

Stanley Jordan: guitar

Vernon Reid: guitar

Wes Wirth: Bass

Alexander Anderson: sythesizers galore! Mellotron, Theramin, Arp Oddessy and more!

Delmar Brown: piano and synthesizers

TM Stevens: bass and vocals

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