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Master musician & educator Kenwood Dennard's NEW release Unity of Purpose

Unity of Purpose

Kenwood Metajam Allstars

Kenwood Metajam Allstars Unity of Purpose is set to release September 2018! This recording contains all the love and creativity that Kenwood has to give to the world! A most amazing lineup includes:

Kenwood Dennard: drums, percussion, vocals, synthesizers, jawharp

Stanley Jordan: guitar

Vernon Reid: guitar

Wes Wirth: Bass

Alexander Anderson: sythesizers galore! Mellotron, Theramin, Arp Oddessy and more!

Delmar Brown: piano and synthesizers

TM Stevens: bass and vocals

We kicked off a crowdfunding campaign on 7/31! Check out the items we are offering in the shop and get ready to be a groove economist with Kenwood! We so appreciate the support that you offer to Kenwood in his endeavor to share his musical creativity and Metajam principles with the world!

Let's celebrate! Kenwood Dennard, esteemed jazz artist, jazz fusion pioneer and the man who impressed us all with his multi-instrumentation, singing, playing drums and keyboards simultaneously has finished a new recording and he’s about to release it!

After many years of teaching other musicians how to be the baddest and best musicians they can be at Berklee College of Music, he is now about to release a well anticipated record, “Show No Fear” which sums up his improvisational style, his infectious positive attitude and his desire to change the world for the better all put to a compelling and funky musical soundscape that is part of the man we all know and love on drums, keyboards, jaw harp and vocals.

Kenwood has recorded with Pat Martino, Jaco Pastorius, Miles Davis, Quincy Jones, Maceo Parker, Brand X and Stanley Jordan to name a few and he is proud to share his vision now with the world.   

Kenwood has put a lot of blood, sweat and tears (and money!) into making this recording happen. He lost one friend, Delmar Brown (Sting, Gil Evans, Bushrock), to cancer while making the record. Another friend, TM Stevens (The Pretenders, Michael Jackson, Bootsy Collins, James Brown) fell ill and became unable to help finish what they had originally started in 2011.  

With a "Never Be Defeated" attitude, Kenwood persevered and continue work on his record. Bringing in long time friend and collaborator guitarist Stanley Jordan and guitarist Vernon Reid (Living Color) to take up the torch and help complete the record.   

Vernon joined Kenwood 3 days after they learned of the passing of their friend Delmar Brown. Vernon played with intensity and really shines on the record with his passionate and driving guitar virtuosity.  

Stanley Jordan also joined in and his expressions on the record on Little Wing and La Toalla are fun, energetic. sympathetic and masterfully executed.  

Wes Wirth, a Boston based underground bass legend and Alexander Anderson, a talented, reaching west coast keyboardist and recent Berklee graduate who Kenwood mentored during his recent collegiate experience.

This line up proved to be an amazing collaboration and Kenwood’s metajamming concept really shines throughout all the sessions so that a raw improvisational musical expression was captured and shared in this recording.

Some of Kenwood’s other friends on the recording include his wife and co-producer Cherie Dennard (vocals, percussion), Brian Coombes (keyboards), Marco Martino (vocals, bass), Jonathan Escalona (vocals, percussion), Alice Sondergaard Brown (vocals), Ken-ichi Brown (vocals) and Sand Edwards (vocals).

So what’s the money going towards? It’s going toward paying the necessary expenses used to create this record and to help fund what Kenwood refers to as “the beginning of a movement”. Kenwood knew the people who love and appreciate him would step up and support his artistic endeavor so he invested his own money and time. Let’s not let him down!

This is the beginning of a long line of recordings Kenwood will share with us all as Kenwood Metajam Allstars. Donations towards this campaign will help Kenwood create his follow up record, so it will basically keep his creative and funky music comin’ along! Let’s make it happen. Kenwood would call it groove economy, Win/Win/Win as he calls it. Let help Kenwood win too!

We’re thanking you in advance for supporting Kenwood’s musical endeavors. It means a lot to him to share this record as his debut recording as a vocalist. His heart and soul pours out on the vocal tunes and it’s a fun side of Kenwood’s musicianship that is a new and exciting treat in our musical explorations of Kenwood Dennard and his Metajam Allstars.

We will be adding more items to the crowdfunding campaign as time goes on, including tickets to the pre-release video party in Boston on 8/29, VIP acess, album credits, associate producer credits, lunch with Kenwood and more!

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