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This summer brings an exciting opportunity for people interested in taking a course with Kenwood to sign up! Starting in June, we're offering intensive training sessions with Kenwood., a 4x4 session week, with 4 days of instruction and training with all of Kenwood's specialties to choose from including: funk, poly-rhythms, metajamming, reading, site reading, feel and groove, rudimental studies as well as styles including jazz, rock, reggae, mambo and afro-cuban, He can teach multi-instrumentationalism as well as piano and vocal training. Not just for drummers, learning with Kenwood can benefit anyone, no matter what your prime instrument is. Not just one one one, Kenwood can teach one, two or an ensemble!

Kenwood has been a professor at Berklee for 23 years, specializing in performance, ensembles, poly rhythms, afro-cuban studies and of course the funk!  He taught at the Drummers Collective in New York City as well as Manna House Jazz Workshops in East Harlem. This could be a great opportunity to study with Kenwood, his lessons will last a lifetime!


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